Sunday sailing and model boat show report.9/11/14

Sunday sailing and model boat show report.

It was good to see quite a few club members attending the Model boat show on Saturday, stocking up ready for the winter projects.
Dave went with the intention of getting a few odds and sods and to have a look at some tug kits, but came away with a large hull tor a thames barge it should keep him busy for a while.
I came away with a set of plans for a one metre yacht, a new winch and from Howes models a new aerial for my planet and for £5.50 it was to good to miss.
There was not the amount of traders as in previous years which was a little disappointing, but the quality of models on display was again really good.
Sunday morning broke bright and cold and water conditions were much better than last week.
This meant Carl, Terry, Paul and Pat had the opportunity to really give their fast boats a good run, and they really were impressive.
Once again I took my Dragon Force, the more I sail it the more I am impressed with this model, especially after making a few alterations suggested by Mark Thompson.
Paul once again took along his camping stove , and once again I was too late to enjoy a bacon butty.
Before the pan could be put away however, a passing beagle dog enjoyed the leftovers in the pan. good job the gas was turned off.
All boats were off the water at 11am and members observed the two minutes silence.
I collected the outboard motor. battery and paddles from the ski club, and so now we have the capability to put Tigger on the water to rescue stranded boats.
Unfortunately I did not take my camera and so if any members that were present took any photos, please post them to Steve who looks after the website: