Huntsman Build update

This is one of my own, er "projects". It has been a while since I was last able to spare some time to continue with this build, but thats how things go sometimes.
I have managed to get all the polystyrene foam sections cut and inserted in to the hull side bilge spaces, to act as emergency buoyancy if ever the need arises, rather than just leave empty space that could fill up with water and totally sink the boat.
The main deck piece was next to boned on, using "Gorilla Glue". I chose to use this for a couple of reasons, firstly it expands as it reacts, so fills out any air pockets and creates a better bond, plus its waterproof once cured. the fact that it will stick together a multitude of dissimilar products is another bonus.

Expanded foam sections in place

additional bow support strengthener fitted under main deck

deck in place, with additional screws to assist in deck bonding flat

excess Gorilla Glue seeping out of deck join, so assured of full water seal along the edge

Now for the deck planking

Gonna need to drink more coffee and get more planks !

The deck planking has now started. I thought id try something different, so am using drink stirers, why not, cheap cheerful and readily available. Once stained, you wont know the difference !