Saturday update 30/11/13. & Military Tattoo 2013 [NIA].

I have a report from our club Chairman Mark for you all to read, but afraid no pictures..
"Sorry there are no pics from todays sailing I forgot to take camera.
Ok it was with the club 500s and I was his only competition but I still beat him.
A serious note of advice to those building the 500s, I would strongly recommend putting fixing a rubber rubbing strip (i,e door insulation) around the boat, Carl suffered minor damage (nothing to serious for these tough little boats) but a rubbing strip would have saved a little time on the repair.
Pauls cat is proving to be a very fast and manoeuvrable boat and he is really getting to grips with controlling it.
Pat and Carl were enjoying a close race with their pursuits, until Pat unfortunately hit a wave and rolled his boat but it looks like he is getting the boat sorted as it speed seems to be getting quicker and more reliable.
Others on the water were Phil with his aquarama and Carl with his slec Samurai.
A big thanks must go to the once again to the Ski club as they have kindly donated a three sided shelter to the club, Nick from the club has even said that that they will erect it for us.
This will be of great use when the when the rain comes.
Once again sorry for the lack of pictures, and I hope to see you  all at the xmas meal next Sunday, Don't worry about the barrier Les has told us the barrier will be kept up."
* Note to all, there is note of this rubbing strip written in to the build instructions, so READ FULLY !
Any 500 found not having this safety strip fitted may not be allowed to start a race either at our club and definitely at another club, so kindly get one fitted to your boat before you start our racing season in 2014. *
I attended the Annual Military Tattoo at the NIA Saturday evening and again it turned out to be a good nights musical entertainment. Unfortunately due to a major refurb on going for 2014, the  NIA was lacking its  usual number of food and drink stalls, but all will be sorted for next years season start.
The Show had all the usual events, the field gun competition being won for the first time this year by a REME crew, beating RAF Cosford's fasted time by 3 seconds, now putting down a challenge of 1 minute 13 seconds!
The dog flyball competition was back, with a new group of teams, always fun and exciting to watch as well as the Blue Falcons gymnastic display.
The bands this year included:  [In Show order]  The Royal Band of the Belgium Navy, Royal Air Force Cadets, The Slovenian Services band, The Norwegian Kings Guard Veterans Band including their fantastic Drill team with bayonetted rifles.
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Royal Band of the Belgium Navy

Air Cadet Rifle Display team from Derby

The Slovenian Services band

The Blue Falcons Display team

the Norwegian Kings Guard Veterans band

Their rifle display team

Massed bands for the Finale