Club member boat build update

Sorry, but due to the rain today, no pictures of sailing craft, Ok so the boats get wet, out on the water but I'm not going to get wet sailing it !

So, here's a few details of the latest build one of our club members has now completed.
: 1/48 scale, 30 inches long, 9 inch beam, powered by twin 380 motors and a 7.2v stick pack, twin rudders and a working ramp lowered and raised by chains,
Here's just a few of the build pics as a reminder of how it was meticulously constructed

Here's a few picture updates of my own "Huntsman" project, the rudder is not fitted, propshaft slot cut and shaft installed and the main hull inner frame now finally modified to fit the glass fibre hull and put the deck at its correct level. I have to say that this took longer to cut down than the build so far. the price of this kit far outweighs the inaccuracy and poor quality of the wooden components.