Saturday working party 6/7/13.

Firstly a big THANKYOU from our Club Chairman to all the club members who gave up their Saturday afternoon to help cut back and weed out our club's sailing area at the Ski Club site. A lot of hard work was carried out in the baking sunshine, but looking at the pictures it all looks well worth the time and effort.
The main lake water level continues to drop as the canal travel rises with the summertime increase in canal traffic and lock useage, so our floating jetty and harbour have been relocated to allow for this. No doubts they will need to be moved again as the water level rises, either due to rainfall or the drop in canal traffic later in the year.
Heres a few pictures kindly taken by Mark of the afternoons efforts.
preparing to tow out the harbour

landlocked discussions

definitely a "hhmm " moment

Some of the plantlife has to be left for a while- nesting birds !

completing the move

a view of the shoreline- showing how the water has dropped

Tite -testing the floating jetty position