Porthmadog Maritime Museum

Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond my control, we have no pictures or info from the last 2 Saturday sailing sessions. I have been on holiday for a few days, so not in area so to speak.
However here is an interesting article from my travels.

Porthmadog, Situated on the North Western end of the Welsh Coast is actually a port on a river, the river Glaslyn, where it joins with the river Dwyrd.
Porthmadog has been documented with the exporting of slate since the early 19th century. the Ffestiniog narrow gauge railway being the main direct link to the slate quarries up in the hills around Ffestiniog. The rail link first being completed in 1836, then being horse powered, then finally in 1863 its first steam powered engine taking over.
The port supplied slate not only to the UK and Ireland, but well in to Europe too.
Less than a couple of minutes walk from the narrow gauge station of Porthmadog is the Maritime Museum, just a few steps off the harbour quayside. Its not the World's largest Maritime Museum but worthy of an hour at least of your time, as it contains some very interesting local Shipbuilding artifacts, pictures and documentation of how the port became such a busy hub in the slate trade.

Some of the original shipbuilding tools used

repairing the ships keel, before the advent of dry docks

some original navigation lamps

So, whilst waiting for your train to arrive, why not pop in for a browse round.....