Ski Club site update 4/5/13.

Firstly,   "MAY THE 4TH  BE WITH YOU !"     Yep, its International Star Wars day.

My Apologies for not being at our normal Boating pool sailing this afternoon, but can't be in two places at the same time. So yes,Me and a small work crew were finishing off a few tasks we have left at the Ski Club site, in preparation for their open day on Monday 6th May.

Mark and Carl, took over from the sterling Job Mark "T" had done on Thursday and  reduces the number of water growing branches to a handful   Andy set to task and completed the steps down to the water edge, with the aid of a floating jetty section someone had built for us [Our thanks!]

I personally had another minor job to complete,  to aide the "scale" side of our club, I've designed and built a floating harbour. This has been set out on the lake water, so club members can practise their sailing and steering skills by negotiating the harbour, pulling up to a berth , then sailing out again. YES you will also get a "steering course" too, but all in good time, as not enough hours in the day to do everything in two short sessions on site.

The afternoon was finished off with a short "test session "with a few boats we had with us, well you have to make sure it all works!

What NO T to do with your lawn edging shears!

Andy's completed design on the edge steps, incorporating the jetty

The land based harbour design

And now as is on the water

Full throttle Carl ?

Andy on the chase with his 500