Saturday sailing 11/5/13.

Apologies for the delay in this posting, but I have only just received notice that firstly there were people sailing from our club, however, no camera was available to take any pictures.
yes, I was not sailing that day, I was at a motorsport meeting all day.

The weather on Saturday did make for some interesting sailing according to reports, the high wind only hit the water surface approximately 10 - 15 mtrs out from shore, so gave all a false sense of the weather, not till you hit the wind that is !

Weather permitting we aim to do some more groundwork at the ski club site prior to maybe sailing later.

Following on from our monthly pub meeting last night, I have to announce a statement from our Club Chairman that  Chasewater MBC are not accepting or considering i/c  boats for the present time at either of our boating sites.
Many thanks to those who have contacted our club since the Monday bank holiday event, unfortunately we cannot accept your entry to our club with i/c. You may join with electric, sail or steam power, so still plenty of scope and challenge to sail with our club.


  1. RE: The Secretaries reporting of Tuesdays meeting.
    As the chairman i am writing to clarify the clubs position as to the use of I.C powered boats to prevent any further confusion.
    Upon my recommendation at the meeting of Tuesday 14th of May, ALL the members present decided that it would be prudent to restrict the use I.C boats until we get the official go ahead from the relevant authorities.
    I to have an I.C boat that i want to get on the water but i am not prepared to jeopardise the club losing the use the main lake by using it without the nod of the chasewater management.
    Hopefully this is a short term measure, and that you as a member will appreciate this position.
    It has been necessary for me to write this, as concerned members have contacted me following the secretaries wording of last Tuesdays meeting.
    When i went about setting the up the club along with three other founding members, the aim was and still is to be a club that is all inclusive and with as few restrictions as possible.
    This still remains.
    Mark Hough


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