Saturday Sailing, 30/3/13.

Ssssaturday  ! A freezing cold afternoon, the pool site still covered with frozen snow, YET our club still hosts some of the bravest [or sillyiest]  club members out there!
My thanks to Mark for sending in the pictures, as , due to some urgent repairs at home, I was unable to attend
5 brave [brass] monkeys , See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil , Fear no evil  and could't give a monkey's!

4 of the Brass monkeys!

On a more urgent matter, Some people have been spotted using the main Chasewater lake with their i/c powered model boats. UNLESS you have full written permission from Lichfield Council. YOU DO NOT HAVE PERMISSION TO USE IT!

Chasewater Model Boat Club DO NOT have permission to use the main lake as a club, We are unable to get permission without paying £13,000 for an annual lease!.

Under strict safety rules, you are NOT PERMITTED to use the lake. NOR are you permitted to use i/c powered craft on the boating pool, due to the wild birds.

Lichfield Council AND the Chasewater Park Rangers  have instructions to prevent these unauthorised craft from being used.
Please also remember that the main lake is protected under an SSSI  and any damage to the water OR shoreline may lead to prosecution.

Both the Council And the Park Rangers have knowledge of all our club members and know that it is NOT any of our membership that is causing the problem. the names of the people who have been asked to leave the main lake will be passed on to our club and you will NOT be allowed to join our club either.
We do not tolerate law breakers.