Club member boat update.

Following on from my initial trails of my latest boat acquisition, I decided to modify the outboard motor mount to allow me to lubricate the internal flexi drive whilst "on site".

Due to the 90 degree angle these outboard drives take, they come under a lot of stress, so any signs of rust or corrosion, left by the water can damage and weaken it, So rather than have to keep removing the outer covers and then try to coax a few droplets of oil down the drive liner I thought  this method would be much easier and cleaner on the hands to do.

I first drilled a hole in the outboard casing, in-line with the inner drive flex,, please remember to remove the drive first before drilling, you do not want to damage the drive flex.

I then made up a piece of brass tube, bent to suit the side of the casing, I then soldered on a flat brass "tag" piece, to aid its securing to the side of the outboard.

I then mixed up some stabilit express and bonded on the brass tube to the side of the outboard. I also then found a short length of silicone tubing, to fit over the brass tube and exit the motor case. I added a flexi sealing cap to prevent water ingress once the oil is added.

I can now easily add a little lubricating oil to the inner flexi drive without a "poolside " stripdown" after each sailing.  I can now leave the proper "flexi service" to the workbench at home on my return.