Saturday Sailing 2/2/13.

Finally the weather has given us a chance to get back to our pool for a bit of sailing. Yeah, it looked a nice sunny day out of the window, but once standing outside.......... it was damn cold!
Definitely hat and gloves time today.
Many thanks for the brave and fearless for turning out to sail and also to our newest member Andy Ashwood, Nice to meet you and thanks for turning out on such a cold day too.

Our pool as well as the main lake is FULL, no ifs and buts from our yachters, there's sufficient depth for 99.9% of you currently.
Our mixed sailing day today saw a good spread of craft, from the proverbial yellow Bullet from the Carl camp, to the tortoise camp called a Sun Tug.  It was good to see so many sails, sorry mine did not make an appearance, but I brought the rescue tug, just in case anyone's new winter build had a hiccup, needless to say it was not needed to day.

NEXT WEEK :- Fast electrics!   Time for a bit of timed trials.