Saturday Sailing 16/2/13.

Firstly, my sincere apologies for such a late delay in posting this, but I was not able to attend on the day, as I had to attend a Motorsport meeting instead.
It should not take this long to update this site and hope this does not occur again.

Here is the details from our club chairman:

"Saturday was the first really descent day for sailing, fine weather and not to cold.
As you can see from the pics yachts were the popular craft of the day along with a lovely new pilot boat on the water.
You will also the yachts also proved to be a very good rescue boat coming to the assistance of Carl's stranded boat.
The little footy yacht proved itself to be a very able little boat and kept up with the larger yachts."

Pilot cutter takes to the water

last minute tweeks before sailing

The "black widow" !

Sail to the Rescue, mind you, it only need an "AA" sign with its yellow colour

just to prove sail  still has its day of glory, good job there's a breeze!

Safely back to shore.

Saturday Sailing - 23rd - Sail and Scale
.No fast boats please...........