Victoria Yacht update.

I have managed to spend a little time on my Victoria yacht kit over the past couple of weeks. An hour here and an hour there so to speak, but I think its coming along nicely.
I have now installed the sail servo mount, fitted the modified cable eyes, so I can run the sail wires internally, but also run them to a couple of bowsie adjusters on the stern for easy adjustment poolside, rather than simply clamping the cables under the rope clamps.
I have also opted to use "tiger tail" stainless steel wire for the main rigging cables, for both strength and rigidity.  the Longbow option packs supplying all the necessary option parts to enable easy fitting. I am also opting to use some bright red fishing twine, with a 70lb breaking strain, so all will cope with the heaviest of breezes [hopefully]
The Longbow options also include a "jib topping lift" wire to hold up the stern end of the jib beam.
I have left ll these cables under a little bit of tension overnight, to allow the wires to straighten out, especially after being coiled up in a bag. So all the cables will need tightening up in a couple of days. I can then check the main mast alignment and make sure its vertical in all planes, its a bit pointless doing it now, until the cables have stretched and re adjusted.
Adjustable main mast plate

rudder servo in position, mounted separately to sail servo

Side view of hull

main deck showing brass mast rigging plates, bolted to deck

inner view of hull showing rigging wire loops bonded to inside of hull

stern mounted cable ties, for sail adjuster fittings

sail servo and battery tray now in place in hull [minus sail arm]

basic rigging setup

jib fitted with ball race swivel

main mast rigging wires

jib cables and bowsie adjusters