Saturday 19/1/13.

Unfortunately, the weather has changed yet again and our sailing pool is not only frozen over, but covered in about 2 inches of snow.
Saturday sailing is postponed unfortunately due to these facts.

I am also forced to give notice that the planned RNLI  SOS event we had planned for next Saturday, the 26th will also have to be POSTPONED for a later date.
The weather forecast for the days leading up to this date leave no margin for error and the pool would not of thawed out sufficiently enough to allow the Lifeboats out on the water. it is also not fair to ask fellow model boaters to stand outside in these below freezing conditions with a static display.

PLEASE watch this space and we will announce a return date for this event.

Remember to CLOSE windows when you leave your car !

Last but not least... SMILE     this weather won't last forever !