Membership renewals 2013.

Just a reminder for those club members who have forgotten to renew their club membership AND insurance.
the closing date for your renewal discount is drawing rapidly close, you have until Thursday 30Th January to get them to me.
After this date, membership increases by £3 up to £11.

Your reminders were sent out in the first week of December, you have now had 2 months in which to get these to me, I can wait no longer as I have to process all the paperwork and get our liability insurance payment off.
On the 1st of February  your details will be taken off our club database and deleted and you will no longer receive any further info or newsletters.

For those viewers who are interested in joining our club, please feel free to contact us at with your details and we will get them sent out by return.

Due to the weather still continuing to remain below freezing, the RNLI   SOS event has been cancelled, this is simply a reminder for those who did not see last weeks website update.
Our normal sailing will not take place either due to icing on the pool surface. Not unless someone fancies themselves as an icebreaker!