2013 club sailing days - UPDATE.

To follow on from comments put forward at the AGM meeting that the Saturday sailing days have had a makeover, so each Saturday has a different "theme" to encourage specific classes of boats out on each weekend. This also reduces the number of boats you will have to carry in the boot of your car, as you know fully in advance "what’s going on and when".
I have also included the pub night meets AND the list of events CMBC will be attending [so far].
This "event list" is not yet complete as some clubs are yet to respond with dates, so that’s why you will receive updates, plus we may decide to swap some of the weekends around, just to catch you out and make sure you are checking it !
The list I hope is easy enough to read and understand.

1/ Mixed sailing/open/any class.
This means ANY type of boat, so you will expect fast electric, scale, sail and in-between types on the water. This is purely a general non event type sailing, purely just for fun.

2/ Fast boats/ time trials for Brushed & brushless boats.
The pool will have a set course laid out and each boat will be allowed out [singly] and timed for 5 minutes, to see how many laps they can achieve during this time limit. It will be from a standing start. Full laps only will be scored, so you do not have to " re circle a marker" by going back again.
Due to the course being laid out and the fact that we do not want any accident, no other boats will be allowed out during this event.

3/ Sail & Scale.
Simply as title suggests, ALL sail boats, possibly with a set course will be allowed out, if popular enough and sufficient breeze, we may also adopt a time trial here too for laps scored around the course, but ALL sail boats will be out together, purely for the effect.
Slower "scale" boats may also sail on this day, but NO brushless motors/faster boats permitted as we do not want any collisions with Sail.

During the year there will also be a few races set aside for the slower non brushless boats too, so watch out for these too if you wish to have a go around a timed course!

* One thing to remember, ALL courses will differ as we are unable to leave any permanent markers in the water, so each setup will be different, adding to the challenge, plus it also allows us to modify the course for differing classes to make them more or less of a challenge.



  1. Where is the schedule held as I cannot seem to find it on the website? Or is it not public?


    (New guy from Saturday interested in a Huffy)


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