Tuesday "Dusk" sailing 16/10/12.

This Tuesday we purposely decided to arrange a "later" visit to the pool, so we could check all the working lights on our model boats. Mark and Carl have been working long hours to get their boats ready for the Rugeley club "sunset sail" event, coming up in less than 2 weeks, so this was a good time to check all is working correctly.
Tony brought along his recently completed Rother class Lifeboat, I had my ever faithful Mersey Class lifeboat as well as my replica of RMAS Moorhen, a naval buoy maintenance vessel, Andy had his club 500 and another sports boat, but complete with nav lights, Carl and Mark finally arriving with their fishing boats to complete the nights flotilla of boats.

Now, before I add the photo's of the evening, I have to admit that looking through the viewfinder of the camera, the pics look great, its not until you get back home and download them do you find out how difficult it is to accurately take photo's of moving lights in the dark!
Even with the boats stationary in the water, there is still some movement due to the slight swell on the water.  More excuses I know, but i'd sooner warn you these are not at their usual sharpness. maybe next time a bit of video clip would be better.......
Or someone with a bit more practise of night time pictures............

Yep, the duck family is definitely growing well

Moorhen meet Ducks!  As you can see, we always sail with care around the wild birds,
These continue to feed as the Moorhen sails past behind them.

Interior cabin "lit" by Mark.
maybe steering wheel, throttle, and a seat next 

The fishing "rigging" is now in place

Carls boat, "at work"

They all MOVED !

I said, keep still

I give up !
Different camera

Carls boat,  doing a bit of night fishin'.

Suppose you could always join the dots, see what you get.