Saturday Sailing 6/10/12.

Apologies for no update on Tuesday, but the rain and onset of dusk curtailed the sailing session, albeit a couple of members did sail, but only for a short while.

Saturday was a different kettle of fish, the sun was out, a slight breeze, but you still needed a fleece or jacket to stay reasonably warm at the poolside. There was a good turnout of club members and boats too. Mark had brought along his latest huffy "rebuild" and did perform really well until a cable connector melted. I did hear mutterings of "under warranty", so lets see what happens. Carls new fishing boat is looking really well, with the deck starting to gain a lot of "fishing kit". My own Koyosho Jetstream took its first spin round the club pool after its own renovation, now complete with "Martini" colours rather than the bland red it originally arrived at my house in.
Considering it is running its original motor, a brushed Le Mans unit, it is running in quite well, but I shall try to refrain from up speccing it to an 11.1v lipo, it seems to be settled enough on a 2 cell 7.4v.

Its always great to see sail boats on the club pool, so thanks to all of those for bringing them along again.

"Pub Night! " Tuesday 9th October, all club members welcome to come along and hear all the club updates and proposals. Meeting starts 7.00pm.

* 7/10/12 update:

Many thanks to Mark our clubs Chairman for sending these pictures over to add to the days picture gallery.