Tuesday Sailing 28/8/12.

This evenings sailing was a little quiet, so the three of us had plenty of water space on which to play on, the only down side was the erratic breeze which kept dropping off and leaving Carl's sail boat without power for a few minutes at a time, but never mind, his superbly detailed fishing boat  made up for the action. I brought along my Sun Tug as a "rescue boat" and my Salina cruiser and Andy had his faithful club 500 and his newly finished Mistral cruiser, "something to use whilst the the motor is cooling in the other boat"!  Well, almost everyone brings at least 2 boats along to a sail session, not unless its a super size boat that is, thinking back to Mac's Tanker and cargo ship of course.
We have now received conformation of permission to hold a BBQ at the poolside, so ALL club members can watch out for details of a club BBQ n Sail till dusk event shortly.