Saturday Sailing 4/8/12.

Unfortunately, due to the rather "mixed " and changeable weather Saturday afternoon, a few club members did turn up for a sail, but sailing times were mixed with rain squalls, so before the rain got too heavy, those present called it a day. Apologies but no pictures, there was hardly time to do so before retiring back to a dry harbour.
Tuesday Sailing "pm" is on, weather permitting, same goes for next Saturday too.
"Yours truly" will not be attending next Saturday, as Silverstone/Bentley drivers club has come round again, so I will be busy all day there.

One update........ The Koyosho wave master did go to the pool on Saturday, but only did one lap before electronic problems stopped it in its wake. So I'm having to rethink the power controller set up, plus will try a proper rfi suppression kit, just to see if this cures the sudden loss of r/c to the throttle control. Its just weird how the steering still functions though.......