Saturday sailing 25/8/12 - Part 1.

This afternoons sailing was split in to two sections, Members could if they wished, sail at the usual early afternoon time with their scale or electric boats, then a "sail only" period was allocated for 4.30pm onwards, leaving all the pool for the sail craft.
So these photo's were from the early slot.  The weather was a bit "mixed" to say the least, but the showers only lasted a few minutes and was followed by sunshine again to dry the rainfall back up.

The sail photo's will follow once received from Mark, who is acting as cameraman for the second half session.

Just a short video clip of my "Cen Aqua", this was purchased as a second hand hull , minus the drive motor. I decided early on I wanted to try a brushless motor in it, but it has taken some time to find a suitable flexi drive to link up with the original propshaft that was fitted. Not bad for a first time out, just needs the trim tabs sorting out as I only fitted one, think it needs the second one fitting to bring back the cornering ability.