Saturday sailing 18/8/12.

The weather today took a change for the better at lunchtime, so by the time the majority of our club members reached our sailing pool, the sun had already begun to break through the clouds.
There was a nice  number of sail boats out again, catching the moderate breeze drifting across the pool, which in turn did put a slight bit of chop/wave in the water making it a bit more of a challenge for the faster/brush-less boats.  Dave had brought along his superbly built "shovel nose" hydro out for another testing, as you will see from some of the pictures, it certainly moves and handles well. I too took along my Koyosho F1 tunnel for further trials, after finding a faulty rudder servo had sidelined its testing first time out. But a swans feather jamming the propeller on its third run caused motor failure as one of the motor brush holders overheated and failed.

Definatley "airborne" there Carl!

Strike 2 on the "airborne" league to Dave!

Shelved yet again with a dead motor

The main lake has also swelled with the recent rainfall again and is refilling steadily.