Saturday Sailing 7/7/12.

It was really nice to see so many club members at the pool  this afternoon. Considering on how changeable the weather had been during the morning  and also the slight rain squalls in the afternoon, did not deter people from sailing. The sailing pool water is almost level with the edge of the paving, the deepest it has ever been since we began sailing here. So it was great to see 2 of the sail boats out, the breeze was a bit changeable though, going from steady, to almost nil at times, fortunately only for a brief second or three before returning.
Thanks again to Mark, for taking the majority of the pictures as due to work , My own arrival was delayed till mid afternoon.

Tuesday night - PUB NIGHT.

Sunday 22nd July, we do have a club invite to go over to Colwyn Bay MBC. Anyone interested in joining the team who are going over, please contact me or mark for further info.

October 7th - We have also had an invite to King Lear's 2nd Lifeboat day, anyone interested, please contact me for details.

Anteo to the rescue !

Some stunning woodwork!