Kingsbury MBC 40th Anniversary event. 2012.

Sunday saw Chasewater Model Boat Club attending  the 40th Anniversary event of Kingsbury Water Park Model Boat Club. They had invited all local model boat clubs to attend as well as some model boat traders too. There was plenty of model boats of all shapes and sizes to see, Scale boats, warships, submarines, tugs, sail boats and yes of course, a small pinch of Lifeboats too !
The Organisers had pre planned to allow half hour time slots for each class of model boat the opportunity to sail on their lake. this worked very well and allowed everyone in attendance to stand and watch the boats on the water. The weather held out and was one of few areas to remain "almost" dry all day, only catching a slight rain shower which only lasted a few minutes, if that.
A lot of interest was  raised by the Huffy's Mark and Carl had brought along, many marine modellers remembering the original "Sloopy" from which this later version is based upon. Some of my own time was also spent discussing " tech info" on my Mersey Lifeboat, as "usual" the Action Electronics sound system proving its worth by giving a good display both on and off the lake.

Many thanks to the Organisers of the event, they did a cracking job and CMBC look forward to hopefully joining you again at your next invitation event.

My Sincere thanks go out to Mark, Carl, Mac, Steve [& son], Titus & Alan for making the time and taking the effort to help CMBC put on such a terrific display of our clubs boats, our stand certanly had a lot of interest and we almost ran out of club leaflets.  ....... Memo to self.......... must print more off tommorrow !

Chasewater MBC Stand

CMBC Stand front view

CMBC "fast selection"

Yours truly giving a "sound demo"

Sub anyone ?


For Sale

Sister Ship to my own Egrete pusher tug

Some of the i/c powered

An i/c Lifeboat being prepped

upper cabin of the Lifeboat

I/C powered Perkasa

Sail on the water

Mac with Carl, assisting  to launch the cargo ship

mac's cargo ship sailing home