Saturday Sailing 9/6/12.

Firstly, may I thank our Club Chairman Mark, for stepping in and taking the photo's you see here on this post, your efforts are greatly appreciated, especially for the "low level" shots taken by you. they certainly have come out with terrific effect.
The boating pool  water level is at an all time high and  definately no problem at all now for sail boats.
The water clarity is being taken to task, by the rangers department and several straw bales have been inserted in to the water to  chemically "alter " the water ph to reduce the effects of the green algae, so many thanks again to the rangers Dep't!
The ducklings are growing well and are much more visible now on the water, but our club members are reminded to always keep an eye out for them whilst sailing on the pool.
It was an afternoon of problems and unfortunate failings this weekend and a few boats did not sail for too long and had to rest on the shoreline, hopefully they will soon be back out again.

There is a "Pub Meet" this coming Tuesday evening, starting off around 7.10pm, all club members welcome to attend.

When you're up to your niccky nacky noo's !

I could of sworn I felt a bite !

Watchout ! there's a Lifeboat about !

"yours truly" ] Club Sec]
wrapped up to keep warm!

this cute little boat is so stable on the water, you could throw bricks at it !

out on a shout

Pat's latest mods now include an inflatable boat on the stern 

New Kid on the block - Welcome Steve !