Saturday Sailing 30/6/12.

The pool is at an all time "HIGH", its almost lapping over the top edge lip, its that full. BUT....... WHERE ARE THE CLUB MEMBERS ?   Especially all those with sail boats who moan of low water level and unable to sail.  Now's your chance and you are letting it slip away from you.

There were only 3 club members sailing today and a couple of guests, a very poor turnout, even on a nice sunny but windy afternoon.
Heres a few of todays photo's..........

Mr & Mrs "Duck",keeping an eye on the kids| 

As full as you want 

Pusher tug, now with 2 barges.

"Pocket battleship"? well it would fit in your pocket.

And when the kids get fed up of swimming..... take em for a walk instead.
More detailing on the fishing boat, but whats that?

I bet all the crew jumped overboard after catching that!