Saturday Sailing 23/6/12.

The weather this afternoon, could not of been any more deceptive. heavy overcast and rain logged clouds and a fair breeze to keep them drifting over the Chasewater site.
The breeze did bring a few full size boats out on to the ever filling main lake [more pics later on this].
At one point though, I did think I was going to be sailing alone and hardly anyone turned up until mid afternoon. The "sea trials" on my Mersey lifeboat are continuing smoothly, still trying to find the best place for the battery ballast as it all seems to be dependent on the swell/waves in the water. heavy swell and the batteries are better placed nearer the stern, calmer water and they are needed more centrally, to reduce stern dropping in the water and lowering the bows.
  A brace of new boats made their first appearance at the pool, a couple of "cigar" boats, beautifully planked and varnished.
Carl's modified Huffy is still a sight to be seen "live" and very entertaining as its so flat and stable on the water surface.

We still need MORE club members to turn up with their own Huffies so we can arrange some racing!

* Club Member reminder, Don't forget, we are Attending the Kingsbury clubs invite to sail on July 1st, anyone wishing to tag along ,either meet us at the venue, or be at the Layby on A5, just past Muckly Corner, heading towards Tamworth 8.15am.