Saturday Sailing 16/6/12.

I have to say that those who turned up at the pool this afternoon, were all fortunate enough to get some time "dry sailing" in. Ok so the skies looked full of rain, but the breeze kept it away from Chasewater, until towards late afternoon anyway.
  There was a good proportion of mixed boats again, unfortunately insufficient numbers of Huffy's to secure a race, maybe next time.
There are a few short video clips, loaded at the bottom of this page update, so remember to scroll ALL the way down for them.

The  Baby Ducks are growing well and strong, but care must still be given not to frighten  them by close sailing. Mrs Duck is close at hand, always, so try not to upset her !

New name for Pat's boat;- "GILLETTE" gives the closest shave you can get !

HMS Fearless take to the water at our pool for the first time

Mrs Duck AND kiddy Flotilla.

Just to prove that with careful sailing, the wild birds are not afraid of our boats.