Chasewater Dam and Lake 9/6/12.

Following on from the heavy rain showers we have had over the past week or so, I thought you might all like to see where some of it is going. The small feeder streams and dammed water sections around the Chasewater site are full, so are now constantly feeding water in to the main lake as well as what is falling as rain water on to the lake itself.
YES, my heart does go out to all those unfortunate people who have been caught up in the recent river bursts and heavy sea swells, we sincerely hope they are able to get back to their homes and caravans very soon.

In the meantime, here's a few new pictures of the main lake:
The lake, as of March 2012.

The lake June 2012.

The cars seen at the far left of image were windsurfing and had a couple of sail boats out too.