Saturday sailing 26/5/12

Firstly, apologies for the delay in the site update, but I was not in attendance due to motor sport commitments at Silverstone on the same day. Mark our club Chairman kindly took along his camera and has also provided a note on the sailing activities too.

"Last Saturdays sailing was a very mixed bag the water level in the pool is the highest I have known it and the water quality although far from brilliant appears to be improving.
The pool was very choppy and resulted in some of the members unable to sail.
Dave took his shovel nose which is now planked and looks fantastic, but because of the chop he was understandably not going to risk a sail.
There were several incidents with a member of the public sailing a toy boat and happily crashing it into members models resulting in Titus losing a vent from from his rescue boat and Pat losing the complete superstructure from one of his models to the deep fortunately after a long search he retrieved it and it appears to be undamaged.
The canoes were on the water again creating chaos and at one point one sailed right over the top of my Huffy which was stranded due to a coupling failure.
On a brighter note new member Wayne had a good days sailing with his rtr speedboat and a very nice fishing boat.
The prototype of my new tunnel appears to look quite good on the water and should only require a few tweaks."

IF the parent of the Boat that caused the damage to our club members boats is viewing this website [which I doubt]  KINDLY be reminded that some of our model boats cost hundreds of pounds to build, let alone many hours of hard work over many months. It is NOT appreciated to allow a child [under YOUR guidance/control] to deliberately crash in to our boats with total disregard and no sign of apology. Either keep the boat/child under control or ask for assistance in how to control the boat, one of our club members would only be too willing to demonstrate how to operate and control the boat safely and properly.