Saturday Sailing 19/5/12.

Saturday afternoon was quite overcast with rain burden clouds and a slight breeze, but to be fair, it did not rain at the pool site!
The "look" of the weather did put some club members off from attending unfortunately, so only the brave regulars  were there.
I had dusted the cobwebs off a "long build" I have on going, my semi scratch build of RMAS Moorhen, a naval buoy maintenance vessel. yes I appreciate this should of been completed long ago, but other projects, like the Mersey Lifeboat have taken over.  There are a few pictures attached below, along with a short video clip showing the radio control of the on board crane used to lift the buoys on and off the deck for repair. This did take a lot of working out to get to work fully, especially in such a confined space below deck, but the final effect is worth the long night hours spend working on it.
Carl brought along his fantastically detailed fishing boat, with yet another addition, I scratch built dinghy to tow behind. Little did we know that further shock/surprise was yet to be unleashed! he had also bought a sail boat! Another chalk mark on the wall for the sail guys and one of our clubs speed merchants has succumbed to wind power.
Mark brought along a recent purchase from a boat show, another fishing boat, just in need of a bit of loving care and attention to finish off again, but  also had  a more dramatic fault. it leaked!  but this was soon traced to  the rudder pivot tube, lacking a seal, so not much to remedy once back at home.

Suggestions have been made concerning our clubs next "bring n buy" /swap meet event. Mark has promised to check availability of the venue and we will hopefully try to arrange for some time in September, the date will be confirmed  officially in due course.

And just to show that the sail brigade are not forgotten:..................
The clubs sailing pool is virtually at its maximum depth currently, so come on ALL you club sailers!

NOW is YOUR chance.

Don't loose out by delay, once all the rain showers we are having lately give way to summer sunshine, this water level won't last!