Saturday Sailing 12/5/12.

Firstly, many apologies for the lack of a sailing report for last week, but due to working commitments, I was unable to attend and mark was sidelined to the settee at home with a heavy cold.
Never mind, the weather today certainly made up for all the dull overcast and cold sailing days we have had so far this year.
Tony, one of our club members picked the best day to bring his Victoria yacht along,  with our sailing pool at its deepest so far this year and was able to sail in all areas of the pool without fear of the keel grounding. I have finally managed to obtain another replacement drive motor for my Robbe Sea jet and brought along for some testing. Due to the windy and choppy conditions it did take quite a few attempts to get the battery position nearly right in the hull to reduce its bouncing around too much.
Both Carl and Mark brought along a few brush less speed boats and put up some entertaining sessions for the passing members of the public.
I have taken delivery of some more spare batteries for my Mersey Lifeboat, so brought this along too for a bit of endurance testing too
Dave did bring along his newest build, a "shovel nose" sports boat [see video clip], unfortunately due to a drive failure, it had to return to shore prematurely, maybe next week we can get some nice photos too.