Saturday sailing 25/2/12.

If it wasn't for the chilly breeze across the country park, it would of almost of been a summers afternoon! I say almost, as the biting breeze certanly did chill the fingertips whilst holding a radio transmitter!
It was nice to see some of the "regular crew" sailing today. A few huffy boats also turned up, but no racing had been planned, so this afternoon was simply used for practise in the, er "handling department." I personally took along my robbe "sea jet" for its first trials since it was last used where the motor lost power. I have had to do some deep research and investigation to source another replacement motor, as Robbe no longer produce the exact same motor as originally fitted. I did order and retro fit a replacement motor supplied by Robbe, but it lacked the rpm's needed to get this little craft planing correctly. So after much cross matching of motor data, I have opted to fit a "Graupner speed 600 race" motor. It seemed to work well in the choppy conditions, runs way better on mill pond water, but we can't have everything!
I still have some experimenting to do with battery position to help keep the boat balance just right, as the choppier the water, the more forward the battery needed to go. Unfortunately I ran out of battery carrier, so it has now undergone a small" mod" since return from the pool.
   I did make up a piece of "rescue kit" this morning, to quickly fit to my Sun Tug's bows. and it was tested this afternoon and proved sucessful, so will now tidy the rough corners up and get it waterproofed.