Just to let you all know, Chasewater Model Boat Club raised a total of £ 46. 46 which has been banked to lighten the envelope to be posted to RNLI.
I know this total does not sound much, but when you consider we only managed to sail for about 3 hours in total, due to the cold weather and time of the year, we did quite well and were fortunate to be able to sail on the pool that weekend, as since then the pool has been frozen over and I doubt if we would of been able to get anywhere near this total by simply rattling the bucket at passers by, going past a static table display.

I am proposing to take the RNLI collecting box to all future pub meets and sailing afternoons and then send further paymenst as  dictated by the sheer weight of the collecting box!

If anyone would like to donate to the RNLI via our club, we can accept "paypal" transactions, rather than you have to post cheques to us. Please email me for the details for paypal transfer.