Saturday Sailing 14/1/12

UNFORTUNATELY..................... due to the overnight freezing temperature, the pool was frozen over today. A few brave members did turn up, but had to return home. perhaps I should of gone myself with my "icebreaker" [Dusseldorf fireboat].

In the mean time, Mark "B" has been upgrading his Apache powerboat over the winter period and has modified the exhaust system. he has kindly sent some pictures over for you to see.

In the meantime, I have been steadily continuing the build on my Mersey Lifeboat. Unfortunately it will not be finished in time for the RNLI  SOS Day on the 28th of this month, " WEATHER PERMITTING" of course, this will kick off about 1pm in the afternoon.
The Mersey is seaworthy and will sail, but the build is taking a while to complete, especially as 99.9% of the bits have to be measured off the RNLI plans and then fabricated from scratch totally.
I have installed a bilge/cooling water pump, as the original idea of simply using a water pickup, did not let sufficient water through to be visible exiting the engine exhausts, so now have opted for an electric water circulating pump, normally found in a  drinks vending machine!  I have also started to install the toe boards on the deck area, first fitting the base plates, bonding them to the deck and then adding the toe boards oncely set in place. The next task is to build and fit the stern trim tabs. I have fitted the one side and am halfway through constructing the second.