RNLI SOS Afternoon 28/1/12.

First and foremost, THANKYOU to all the club members and members of "invited clubs" who gave up their time, on a not very warm afternoon, to help our club support the RNLI on our   RNLI  SOS day fundraising day.

The turnout of boats, especially "Lifeboats" was great to see and it certanly gave the members of the public who  stood watching for ages something to go home and chat to the neibours about. We hope that we put on a good enough show for them and do certanly hope to do something upon similar lines again.

The fundraising total has not yet been counted as some of our club members will be adding to the "pot" at our next club pub meet on Tuesday, so the total will be published then.

"Sorry dad, I only put the sandwiches in there for a bit to warm up, didnt expect them to get that toastie!"