Tuesday Sailing 27/12/11.

A bit of fresh air to refresh those lungs stuffed full of Christmas festivities! today saw a good member turnout and plenty of fun was had by a few. Sorry to see Dave's airboat  turnup, but the rudder servo failed on test before it reached the water, ah well, hopefully next time we might get to do a video update on its latest motor conversion. Mark's zoom suffered yet more problems, seems the esc may not be powerful enough to keep it running.

Chasewater MBC would like to wish ALL our club members AND viewers of the blog a very


We hope to see all our club members rejoin us and visit us at the poolside again soon

There is No club sailing Saturday 31st, but sailing resumes again on Saturday 7th January 2012.

First Pub Meet is Tuesday, 10th Jan.

THE "NEW" Club Banner.

"Rescue mission"

How did you manage to be in front Mark? Or were you a lap behind [ha ha]

YES ! Tite I accept recipt of your club membership. I will shortly be booking my one way flight...........

Many thanks go to Sharon for supplying these photo's and to Mark for managing to "borrow " Her memory card out of the camera ! And on with a few of mine also.

Main Lake update ! 27/12/11.

Just a few pictures for those interested in the Main Chasewater Lake.
the main reconstruction work has temporarily stopped for the seasonal break, thus allowing pedestrian walking access across the dam wall. The water level is gradually rising in the deep pool area and we now have two deep pools filling. It will soon be up to the max of the deep pools and will soon spread rapidly across the shallower areas.
These pics will be on the Chasweater main page, see above link, so you can view these with earlier pics to see the changes.