Saturday sailing 2/12/11.

Firstly, our club had its first AGM meeting on Tuesday, a lot of things were mentioned and commented on. the Club is hoping to attend more model boat events in the coming year, providing the organisers will let us attend of course!
Our Club racing is set to kick off in January with the HUFFY racing challenge with both standard class and fully modified class running the course during the races.
The gauntlet has been laid down for all our clubs scale n sail modellers as they too have a prize to look forward to at the end of 2012, in recognition of their skills and efforts in building such fine boats and models.

Saturday afternoon was a typical November day, a little sunshine, but damm cold! there was a fair breeze blowing, so most of the club members decided upon the Chasewater pool being the better/calmer option for today.
heres a few pictures.: