Saturday Sailing 17/12/11.

Due to the rather wet and cold weather, the majority of our club members are not sailing today, so there will not be any pictures to post.

I will however take this oppertunity to wish ALL our club members AND ALL of our visitors to this model boat site a very


I hope you all have a nice holiday and all your wishes are granted. I would like to remind club members that "IF" they do get a "project" for Christmas, don't forget to send some pictures of it, durings its construction for us all to see. No we don't want pictures of you in your PJ's by the tree on the morning of ther 25th, jumping up and down in excitement, wearing those "only once a year wear" Xmas socks [ha ha].

to those club members who have sent in their club membership renewals, we thank you and to those who are yet to do so.  HURRY UP !