Saturday sailing 5/1/11.

Todays sailing was a little on the cold and breezy side so not many brave sailors around. Unfortunately due to work comitments  arrved a little on the late side as all the boats were being put away, so I have no pictures to post,

However as a little "sideline" I will post the pictures of my latest ideas for transporting a model boat, especially if its a bit on the heavy side and a bit too big to carry in a sling type carrier.
I was searching around looking for some ideas to carry my Mersey Lifeboat about on, being 1.12th Scale it makes the hull almost 4ft long anyway.
So what to use? I was intending to purchase some wheels and some alloy and make a carry frame, but when I looked at a "folding golf trolley", I saw some potential for conversion.
So I first made my carry cradle, which also acts as its stand too. I then tried a "test fit" on top of the golf trolley to see where it "touches" and/or whats needed to get it to attach.
  Looking at the original golf bag mounts, which are a couple of semi circular base mounts, one top and one at the foot of the trolley, I decided the easiest ideas was to make a couple of wooden "plugs", shaped to fit in the dish of the mounts, then make a "flat" on the top of them to allow the golf bag web straps to slip over and clip together, thus locking the wooden plus to the trolley.
  It was then just a matter of attaching these plugs to the wooden carry frame/boat stand  and hey presto, a boat trolley. it has a nice wide wheelbase to prevent tipovers on rough ground, nice wide tyres capable of going over wet soggy grass without sinking in. It folds easily for transport AND storage, even the wheels clip in/out.
 heres some of the pictures which will better demonstrate the ideas and hopefully give you all "food for thought".

Just to show it can handle a severe "tilt" angle too.

the carry webbing strops under the hull easily contour to any hull shape without the need for fiddly wooden profile cutting.

the boat is only held by a single web strap at present, I will make up 2 correct size ones for the boat once complete, later, but fitted to demonstrate its easy construction and to show it could carry a vast number of differing shaped hull profiles without the need for any conversions.

* Deaks Models *

After some Discussion with Mark Hough, our club Chairman and "producer" of the  HUFFY hull kits, Deaks Models has become the "OFFICIAL SUPPLIER"  for all new sales.

SO heres you chance to obtain one of these fun boats for yourself. You will find Deaks Models details on our "recommended supplier page", by clicking on the "page link" at the top of this page and Mark Deakin will only be too happy to complete your orders, be it for a simple hull kit, or Makr can now also supply ALL the motors, rudders, propshafts, servo's battweries, esc's etc, be it for a standard class OR Modified machine with a brushless motor setup, makr has motors in stock suitable for both ranges.