Saturday Sailing 29/10/11.

Firstly, my appologies for the delay in this update, but I have been waiting for the pictures to arrive.
Saturday saw the first of a months "test sailing" at South Staff's Sailing Club. Unfortunately, several club members decided it was warmer and safer to stay at home, so only 2 members attended the venue, which was very unfortunate after all mark's hard work in getting premission to sail there. I did pop over to Chase pool and did not find any club member there at all, so drove over to the South Staff's club, just for a look, as  did not have a "big boat" capable of taking waves with me.
As you can see from the pictures, it is a very nice venue, with a large jetty from which to launch a boat from, as well as a concrete sloped area too, if you prefer to launch from the waters edge. Although even this lake is below its normal water level, it still is higher that our own pool at present.

Tuesday Sailing 1/11/11.

A few club members did sail this afternoon whilst daylight allowed, but unfortunately, no camera was available to secure a few pictures for you.