Saturday Sailing 26/11/11.

Todays sailing was actually taking pl;ace at 2 venues. Mark was leading some of our crew, over at the South Staff's Sailing Club whilst I personally was over at our Chasewater pool.
Unfortunately, due to the high winds we bagan to suffer this afternoon, the South Staff's creww made their way up to our more sheltered pool to join us there.

Many thanks to Mac , for popping over to meet me and some of our club members and also for bringing over one of his own scratch built merchant vessels. It was a very nice sight to see on our clubs water and hope he too enjoyed sailing with us.

And now for some pictures from a rather "windswept"  South Staff's lake, running with a fiar height to the waves. fair play to all the model boaters who braved both the weather AND the water [ in more than one sense of the word].
Many thanks to Mark for supplying these photo's!