My Lifeboat update 24/11/11.

My own Model lifeboat build continues on at a steady pace. Just purchasing a hull and cabin mould is becomming more of a challenge than I originally thought it would, but nevertheless it will be completed. I have managed to finish painting the hull and moved on to the upper cabin, as well as doing some work now inside the hull.

The "anti slip" surface was achieved by simply cutting a suitably "graded" sanding sheet to size and bonding to the deck before overspraying with primer and paint. Please remember to allow for paint coating, so dont shoose too fine a paper, or the paint will simply fill it all in and you end up with a smooth finish all over. This paper was a 120 grit, so quite rough, but once painted, it leave a nice textured finish.

The engine exhausts have been fitted, along with a water flow system to simulate water cooling water, exiting the pipes when the boat is in motion.