Tuesday Pub Meet 13/9/11.

There was quite a few club members at tonights pub meet, where a few discussions were held about certain  club projects, the clubs race boat and other members projects.

Mark is going great guns in the production of "HUFFY " Kits,  [ mahough@btinternet.com  07730 616751 ]so if you dont aleady have one, then get in touch with mark to get yours now! As soon as "HUFFY CLUB" members increase and you have "registered your interest" in having some fun races arranged at the chase pool. Mind you with the latest report of the water level, there will be little need of rescue boats or waders, simply taking your shoes and socks off may suffice in the coming weeks, not unless wet get some substantial rainfaill to help the level out and top it back up.

As you can see, Mark now has 3 colours available AND you can choose between single colour or twin colour kits, So if you fancy a red to with yellow base, or a white top with red base, mark can supply to your choice.  mahough@btinternet.com   to get yours ordered!

International Model Boat Show. Mark had to report that no one has contacted him regarding being interested in going down to the show in a minibus, BUT you still have time to do so, but please dont leave it till the last minute! We are planning on a club visit on Saturday of the event. Kindly contact mark Hough  mahough@btinternet.com   or 07730 616751  to arrange your seat/interest.

The clubs website continues to gain more interest from all over the world. the site is currently averaging 1,100 plus hits per month with viewers from America, Austrailia, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Russia, Latvia, japan, france, United Sates, South Korea to name but a few of the visiting countries. I do wish to thank you ALL for visiting our clubs site and hopefully for coming back to it again and again.

THANKYOU         ALL !

It has been proposed that  Chasewater Model Boat CLub may hold a "Christmas Dinner" for all club members and "wives". If any club members is interested in such a "do", please let me know [ chasewatermbc@hotmail.co.uk ] and I will start a list off.  The meal will be held at the "Turf Lodge Pub", being as they are kind enough to aloow us to use their premises for our club meetings. Hopefull if numbers of dinner attendees suffice, we may be able to discuss a discounted fee for the meal, but that depends on you joining us there for it.

Incidentally, I have made  my choise of "next model" to build.  After long thought I have decided to build a 1/12th Scale RNLI Lifeboat, a "Mersey" Class. It will be based upon number 12-26 "Moira Barrie" Which is currently based at Barmouth in Wales".
Well its my most local of lifeboat stations for doing any research and photography.

The RMAS Moorhen which I am curently building is not far now from being completed, the build blog for this is in the "warships" section on "modelboatmayhem" forum, simply because it is a large file to hold on this website, as each stage has lots of pictures to show almost every stage of the build.