Saturday Sailing 17/9/11.

Todays sailing looked a little doubtful yet again, due to the passing clouds, but quite a few members still managed some decent sailing time before the weather turned wet.
dave had swapped the R/c gear in his version of a "Huffy", following from some transmitter problems last week sidlined his boat, but fortune was not with him yet again as after a short sailing time, he brought the boat back in, thinking the battery was low on power, only to find he had lost a blade of the prop! Ah well, better luck next time Dave.
Mark and Carl had their own "modified" Huffy's" poolside again today, Mark also didrt demonstration of the boats ability to "SELF RIGHT", so watch the enclosed video clip on this post. it will also be placed alongside the huffy boat details on the "SPECIAL OFFERS" page on this website too. I took along my Salina again, as I did have some rudder link problems last time out, the "poor fitting" graupner items were spinning on the brass rudder shafts, so they were swapped for some decent Robbe ones, with a more sturdier allen bolt fixing to clamp them firmly to the rudders.

One Man and his Boat ! [Total concentration there Carl !]

For all those people wanting update on the Main lake, Please go to the Chasewater " POOL & PUB"  page on this site where I will be putting picture updates, complete with "dates" so you can see the water level, the "greenery" on the lake floor and also the water proximity to the repaired dam wall.