Tuesday Sailing 30/8/11.

This will unfortunately, have to be a rather !"short" report for this clubs pool meet as unfortunately, due to the over eagerness of Mark to get to the pool, not only did he forget to take his camera, but also forgot to take his own boat! Ah well,  we all have our "moments" I suppose and I already know how miffed mark was to finally realise in the pool car park that as he opened the tailgate of his car, picked up his bag with his r/c transmitter in, then reach for the boat that was not there !
Never mind Mark, it meant that Carl got a bit more practise in with his club racer instead.
mark has reported to me that he has placed another order now for some more plastic sheets to form some more club racers, so the next batch won't be too far away, so those "awaiting delivery", rest assured, he will be in touch shortly, once the garden shed, sorry "Factory" gets full steam up again.
In the meantime, Mark Bouncer has sent me some pictures of his Apache I/C boat. he has decided to give the hull a full coat of Carbon Fibre whilst he has some time on his hands. As you can all see he is making a good job of this task and the carbon sheets are shaping nicely to all the contours of the hull shape. This is in full sheets, rather than simple "flat patches" placed in singular areas.  Well done Mark !

before carbon coat

after initial carbon fibre coating

Mark still has to finish off the final outer layers of bonding agent and then carefully flat the finish down before a final polish to complete the completed conversion.