Tuesday Sailing 23/8/11.

Sailing conditions at the Chase pool this evening could not of been more favourable, a nice warm evening, no breeze and virtually mirror calm water over the whole pool surface, the only waves were created by our own boats.
Mark and Carl now have  test boats for the new "race series" prototype, so a few marker buoys were placed in the pool to see how they handled in close combat situations and also  to test the steering/rudder controls. both boats worked well and behaved really good. mark's boat began to handle better as was unable to reproduce its "self righting mode" it seemed to do "at the drop of a hat" from Saturday, Mark had spent some time resetting the battery position and now the boat handled the waves better, apart from when it decided something on the bottom of the pool looked tasty, perhaps we have an r/c duck chassis here Mark !
We also had a couple of fast electric boats out on the water too, giving each other a bit of competition around the markers.
Heres a few pictures and also some video clips at bottom of the post, so dont forget to check out the whole page!.

Dive Dive Dive

ready to dive

full sub surface

yep, its under!

Full power and it will stop there !

Up for fresh air

back again

Still looking for tasty morsels