Saturday Sailing 20/8/11.

The weather this afternoon no doubts made a few people think about venturing out, let alone visiting the club pool. I too was almost caught out by the overcast, rain burden skies and the way the breeze started to build, just all the things you usually get, just before it starts to rain. But, no it didn't ! The wind did stay poolside, but due to its north westerly direction, the pool water was sheltered by the natural earth banking, so the water was fairly calm too.
We had a few boats on the water, Carl did not bring along his "trial boat" this afternoon, but Mark brought his along and gave us loads of demonstrations of its "self righting" ability, which you definately have to watch for yourself to believe it. I hope you can actually see all this in the video clips in todays selection of pictures of the clubs sailing crew.
Mark is still finalising the drivetrain in this boat and it did end up in the spectator area with a crispy motor.
I took along my latest purchase, the Salina and tested out a pair of brass "anti cavity" propellers, these proving to work very well on this boat, adding a bit more to the top end speed and I have to admit also improved the handling too. This boat I  replaced the original 2 blade props for standard 3 blade brass props [30mm] but noticed these "new style" props on a shop website and decided to  give them a try. I do have some slightly larger 35mm ones too, but will have to wait till next sailing to try them out as with only 2 battery packs, my sailing time was vistually over before I decided to swap props, well time does fly when you're having fun!
Funny thing is, I offered a "free trial" of these props on the RAF rescue launch, but they actually slowed the top speed of the boat down? Really wierd as we were all expecting  a sudden rush of acceleration, maybe it needs a slightly larger prop size on this boat...............

"Barrel roll" in progress!

The Tortoise and the Hare !

" Line astern" convoy action from the wildlife.