Saturday "Bentley " racing 13/6/11

Well, something a little different for you all. This is part of the reason for me not being able to attend the clubs sail meet at the Chase pool.
I was at Silverstone racing Circuit, at the Annual Bentley Drivers Club race meeting.  Not only was there a lot of classic and hostoric Bentley's on static show display, but a majority of them are still capable of racing speeds and took part in some of the motor racing too.
heres just a few sample pictures of the cars from Saturdays event.

The "Buisness end" of a Bentley Blower.

Blower Bentley driving controls - NO power steering !

One of the fastest fire engines in the UK - Jag powered

47ltr Aero engine powered V24

NO Lipo's here, but sheer brute Horse power  !

Just a few more pioctures of one of the racing Bentley's. I have to say, some people don't just strip out their avarage family car and take it racing, heres a Bentley Turbo R, all interior and leather removed, roll cage fitted, standard engine and gearbox ripped out for racing versions, along with bigger wheels, tyres, air scoops air vents, spoilers, you name it, its been changed!