Monthly club Newsletter

Due to popular demand, I have decided to now include a copy of our clubs monthly newsletter online for everyone to read. Dont worry, all club members get theirs first!

Our club is also being viewed by a lot of followers from all over the world, let alone in the UK. Our club link on the "topmodelboatsites" is proving very popular and means that our club is still at the number 1 spot in the clubs section and has been since january this year.

There are no pictures to opost from the tuesday sailing, as it was our clubs monthly "pub meet" this week, never mind, pop back after the weekend to see all the pictures from saturdays sailing instead.

On with the newsletter:-

FULL AHEAD               August 2011.   Issue 7.

August and Chasewater model Boat Club celebrates its first birthday!
Yes, it has been 12 months since those few individuals actually got together for the very first time and sailed as a group at the Chasewater pool. How time fly's !.

July saw the first "bring n Buy" event held at Huntington Community Centre. I have to admit that the items for sale were of a quite good quality and fair prices too, it was such a real shame not to see many of our own club members deciding not to attend, even if for just half an hour of their time and give support to their own club. I often wonder what it actually does take to get some people off their arses and do something with a club that have paid membership to.

Greensforge Sailing Club have invited CMBC back to their second event which is due in September [date to be confirmed], Mark will update me as soon as he knows, but if anyone is interested in attending, kindly get in touch with me [club secretary]. Unfortunately, CMBC will NOT be allowed to sail "fast boats" on the lake due to certain problems that arose at the first event earlier this year. We can "static display" these boats but on no account will they be allowed on the water.

As summer is drawing towards its peak and the thoughts of darker evenings gest nearer by the week, I will remind club members that the weekday sailing times will be moving earlier to accomodate the darker nights untill such time that the fortnightly pub meets resume again for the winter period.

As the days get colder too, we may be able to arrange for availability of "hot drinks" [Tea, Coffee & hot Chocolate] at the poolside, but this will be limited to the provision of flasks of hot water to make the drinks with. They will be at a small cost to club members only and NOT for public sale.

International <odel Boat Show 11th - 13th November 2011. Mark [Club Chairman] is considering organizing a minibus to take club members along to the event, but to confirm viability of this we need to accurately know possible numbers of interested members who would like to take up this offer, well in advance so the vehicle can be booked and of course, we can make the price of the bus hire at a competative price, once shared between all the people onboard the bus. This will still be far cheaper than travelling down in your own cars, so well worth considering, but please, get in touch with Mark or myself to add your name to the list.

Don't forget the website does havea club members boat page section, so you can have photo's and a few details of any [or all] of your own boats featured, simply supply me with all the info and pictures and I will do the rest.

talking of our clubs website, we are still averaging over 1,000 hits per month. The website is still topping the "topmodelboatsites" chart for clubs listing, so the popularity of our club and its website keeps visitors returning almost on a weekly basis. I try my best to keep this site updated on a weekly basis. This does take up some time but I believe its well worth the effort. Some clubs only seem to update their sites annually or with date changes or after a major event. never fear, this site will get updated as much as possible.

CMBC will shortly be compiling the clubs event list for 2012, so if any club member knows of a suitable event that our club could attend, please let us know and we will follow up your suggestion and see what can be arranged.

NEXT PUB MEET  Tuesday 13th September.  Tuesday evening sailing is taking place on all other Tuesday nights, kicking off at about  5.30pm [ish], so no reason not to pop along and join us.

Saturday sailings usually start around 1.30 - 2pm, again, feel free to pop along when you can.


Hello everyone I hope you are all hail and hearty.
Last Sunday the 31st of July saw the clubs first bring and buy/swapmeet event and to those of you that attended I would like to say a big thank you and to those who did not you missed an oppertunity to grab a bargain or two.
items ranged from  superb carbon fibre racing  yachts rigged and ready to sail for a price of £95, to a pile of model plans for £1 each.
I woild also like to thank Steve for helping to man the door and getting the word out and to Kate [the Boss] for taking care of the catering. The cakes were a big success, ask Alan and Titus!
the pool has seena lot of activity in the sunshine unfortunately it has also seen a large amount of feathers that have fouled props and rudders or should that be fowled, get it "feathers fowled"!
the water has become a victim to a large increase in algae and it must be said that after each sailing it is strongly advised that you wash your hands!
on the upside it has meant that the canoes have not been in action resulting in more relaxed sailing sessions, [untill Daz or Carl get on the water].
it has been noted that someone has been sailing an i/c boat on the water the park rangers have been informed that this boat or its operator in nothing to do with our club or its members and we are not to be held responsible for their actions.

Dont forget the next meeting at the turf is Tuesday 9th August from 7pm, join us for a netter and a drink.
many thanks again go to Steve for keeping the site updated since it started we have hadsteadily increasing viewing figures.
if you have any comments about the club or have anything you wish to buy or sell contact Steve I am sure that he would be very happy to include them on web updates.
bye for now

Hope to see you soon poolside.

Mark Hough.